Jim Stanley & Jodi Simmons

Jim Stanley and Jodi Simmons are both certified as Full Instructors with the Krav Maga Association under Chief Instructor Marty Cale.  They have trained in the most Elite Instructors Course for the past several years, training in various techniques such as Self Defense, Hand to Hand Combat, various weapon disarming, hostage situations, anti-carjacking, active shooter defense, Israeli Combat Shooting and Tactical Knife Fighting. They are personal trainers and teach Kickboxing and Boxing Fitness classes as well. Their passion and drive for Krav Maga, personal protection and fitness will make them the obvious choice when looking for the right instructors.

Hello Ft. Smith, Arkansas. 

We are very excited about being in Ft. Smith, and we are very blessed to have the opportunity to give our Krav Maga knowledge to the Ft. Smith community. Personal safety and fitness is our life. We ask that you please share our new adventure with your friends and family, and please come see us. Together, we can make the Ft. Smith area a much safer and healthier community

Jim & Jodi,